Our Vision

Nurturing a whānau of innovative learners through positive relationships and real-life experiences immersed in nature, culture and community


We are different from most ECE services. We see tamariki as competent and capable and have a strong belief in play based, child led, democratic programmes. This means that we try not to do things for tamariki, but support and encourage them to do it for themselves. Everyone; tamariki, kaiako, and whanau learn they have a voice, but also to take responsibility for their actions.

We strive to provide maximum opportunities to learn through play. Years of experience and sound research, identify tamariki learn and grow best when they are supported by knowledgeable others to; keep safe, play, explore, have fun, ad be curious in empowering learning environments.


We support tamariki to:

  • Plan, enquire and learn to make decisions and to sort problems out for themselves
  • Time and space - important opportunities to practice and be challenged.


  • Respect Māori as tangata whenua in Aotearoa / New Zealand
  • Encourage an awareness and appreciation of our bi-cultural heritage
  • Reflect Te Reo Māori and tikānga as part of our everyday programmes
  • Respect traditional cultural aspects of life, conversation and storytelling.
  • Support identity and mana by valuing customs and culture, individual strengths and personalities and providing appropriate learning experiences.
  • Value and celebrate home cultures, tikānga and aganu’u.

We also:

  • View tamariki as capable,
  • Integrate language, literacy and numeracy in context, across the curriculum.
  • Provide maximum opportunities to learn and develop through play.
  • Strive to know and understand tamariki, then support and empower.
  • Offer play and real life experiences, to learning in, and make connections to nature; allowing time and space, freedom and joy, all support intellectual, physical and emotional development
  • Work cooperatively, support each other, take on challenges, assess risks etc
  • Empower tamariki to be innovative, to learn to make decisions, develop responsibility, resilience, and persistence, to
  • Encourage tamariki to try things out, to make mistakes, evaluate and learn from them
  • To sort problems out for themselves
  • Give time, space and support with opportunities to practice and be challenged

Many whānau today need to work long hours and do not have the luxury of taking children out into nature, or to spaces such as the library, beach, parks, or swimming lessons. We believe it is vital to connect our children to the world they live in.

Our programme works. For over 25 years we have seen numerous tamariki go on to achieve outstanding results in leadership, academically and sports. The Education Review Office reports that we provide very high-quality education and care through our innovative programme and knowledgeable, supportive, stable and experienced staff.

Mixed age settings support tamariki to work together and provides equitable opportunities for all, and to learn from more capable peers. Tamariki settle into school, often becoming school leaders and head pupils.

Our strong foundations have resulted many top academic and sporting achievements. Play Video

For further information see our Parent Information Booklet and Policies