Our Vision

Nurturing a whānau of innovative learners through positive relationships and real-life experiences immersed in nature, culture and community

Quality Early Education

Real world Learning

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Play and Learn

For Physical, Mental and Intellectual Health and Development

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Early Education Programmes

Significant time in Nature and Community

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Through play tamariki build perseverance and resilience, language understand their role in the world

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand and designed to provide the very best early learning experiences for children.

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Nature Programmes

Centre based Nature Programme
Nature Playgroup
Nature Kindergarten

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About Us

Play and Learn are different from most ECE Services.

Play and Learn was first established in 1995 by Jan Beatson in order to provide spaces where children could have the time, space and environments to be children and to explore their local community and the wider world. We have always aimed to nurture confident, competent children, capable and open to learning in life, as well as for school. For over 28 years we have seen numerous tamariki go on to achieve outstanding results in leadership, academically and in sports. We provide very high-quality education and care (Education Review office report) through our innovative programmes in conjunction with our stable, knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced kaiako. We set high expectations and view al tamariki as competent, providing maximum opportunities to learn and develop through play.

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These programmes provide children with the foundation they need for a successful future and are vital to the growth of our nation. So take a break from the games and do some good by supporting these important initiatives.

Our democratic programme values individual strengths and personalities, our unique community, their customs, culture and identity. Strong relationships with parents/whānau/fanau are critical for holistic development.

Quality Early Education Real world learning,

The first seven years are vital for Physical, mental and intellectual health and wellbeing. This a critical time to cultivate great potential and to develop emotional, social and cognitive development -skills that are basics of academic learning and for life.

We view tamariki as capable, Play and Learn have a background of establishing and operating successful early childhood programmes in both rural and urban areas for over 28 years. Our main point of difference from other ECE services is our ability to deliver specific “Out and About” and “Nature “programmes. Out and about programmes explore and give meaning to the local community while Nature kindergarten provides dynamic outdoor learning programmes, in empowering learning environments. Small groups of children learn through relationships, play, language, support, and experience, in the community and the outdoors, preparing for life, enquiry and the joy of learning. All cultures have fond memories of growing up in the outdoors, developing in confidence and competence, and can relate to this.

Opportunities for:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Wonder
  • Joy
  • Fascination
  • Exhilaration​

Our Philosophy

Children have the right to learn the Skills and Habits of Mind that will prepare them for Life and for Learning in the World of the 21st Century. Respect for each person as an individual their strengths, abilities, interests, values, culture. Authentic relationships with children, families, adults and the world

Mistakes are seen as opportunities Collaboration and discussion- from working in small groups to the wider world Self Responsibility, trying hard, persistence, perseverance, adaptability and flexibility

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand and designed to provide the very best early learning experiences for children.


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